Outreach Ministry

The Challenge in today’s society is that the Church is no longer a Stakeholder in the Community. Society and the progression of the church has removed itself from being a vital part in communities. Looking at the Bible we see examples of the church leading in areas such as: Orphan and Widow Care, Food distribution to the poor, and Education. It is our desire to fill the GAP between the Church and Community Stakeholders. The Stakeholders include Schools, Police, Fire, Social Services, Mayor and City Government Offices, etc.

Why are stakeholders important? Typically these are the people in the populace that are in tune with the needs of a community before the church has a notion of the local distress. It is the goal of  Crossroads Assembly Outreach Ministry to established relationships with these stakeholders so when the needs of our community present themselves we are knowledgeable to reach out and fulfill them.

Our current partnerships include working with  Rural Compassion,  & Bright Futures along with our community stakeholders.