Meet our leadership:

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Lead Pastors Garrett and Andrea Widner

“We absolutely love what God has called us to do! The restoration that we see God do in people’s lives astounds us! We are so excited about the future of Crossroads Assembly! God has many things in store for this ministry he has called us to lead.”

Worship Leader & Ministry Assistant Stephanie Bell

“I have been a member of this church for 7 years now. I consider it to be an honor to serve in worship at Crossroads in a leadership capacity. I enjoy the privilege of leading the Body of Christ every week in a way that opens other’s hearts to the presence of Jesus. The greatest desire for myself and the body is to live in a way that speaks out-loud “More of him and less of me!””

Administrative Assistant Mariah McNew

“I have been part of Crossroads since I was a kid. I started​ off by serving in the children ministry, and now I am not only doing that but doing what I feel called to do. I love being used by God in any facet he desires! This position allows me to do exactly this! I found my husband here and we love to serve the Lord, and the church together.”